As spectacular as any waterfall could ever be, the stunning Niagara Loudspeaker from the French company, Waterfall Audio, is about as top of the line as anyone with cash to burn can expect a loud speaker to be. At $53,000 per pair, they are hardly an “impulse” buy.

If performance and form are considered the two most important components when it comes to luxury speakers, Waterfall Audio’s Niagara Loudspeaker gets an A+ in both departments (and well it should, one might add). The Niagara Loudspeaker is made from a specially designed diamond glass, and the 15mm (about 2/3 inch) diamond glass cabinet is its tour de force. Some parts are hand-stitched with Nappa leather while others are quite plebian, or in other words, stitched from solid aluminum by machine.

The Niagara loudspeaker from Waterfall Audio, does have a lot to brag about even though its price tag is enough to cause a myocardial infarction among the hardiest of souls. Its three-way loudspeakers boast a frequency response of 36 Hz to 28,000 Hz, and the glass horn tweeter is crossed over to the two 7-inch midrange drivers, while the 8.26-inch woofer sits at the bottom of the loudspeaker.

While many companies profess to be doing something unlike their competitors, Waterfall Audio comes through with their Niagara Loudspeaker which is available from their website.

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