Vizio Launches A New TV: The VF550XVT1A 55-inch LCD

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22 Comments to Vizio Launches A New TV: The VF550XVT1A 55-inch LCD

  1. I find what Jeff says to be very hard to believe. There are always problems with new products on some scale, but for a large reputable company to not honor their warranty? Companies will honor the terms of their warranty as long as the terms are met. Always check those terms before you make a purchase. Come on Jeff, get your facts straight! Buyers should beware of what you are saying!

  2. talkcineman

    couldnt find one at costco for 1547 or I would’ve done it.

    Costco website seems to have deleted Vizio altogether. What’s up with that–anyone know?

    IS there any word on problems with Vizio sets? OR high returns to Costco?

    • If you go to Consumer Reports and type in Vizio,you will see all the coments about the product.People are having power supply issues and Vizio will not be responsible for fixing them,even with warranties.Buyer beware!

  3. I just hang up the phone with costco and it’s $1797. It’s a bargain for this kind of technology I have to say. I own 3 vizio, 26, 42 and 55.

  4. I have benn using this tv for the past 18 days.absolutely perfect picture and sound.I didn’t have to hook up my home theater system.the speakers fill a 14 x 16 room with great sound.most of these lcd have poor speakers even at $3000.00. I paid $1547.00 in costco new jersey it was the last day on sale reg price is model vf550xvt1a its 1080p 5ms and 120hz.all for this price you can’t beat. I was not impressed with the sound on the samsung,sharp,and sony and none of them could match this price. If you can get it buy it you won’t regret it

  5. I saw this at the Scottsdale Costco for 1796.99. I wonder why the $250 price difference?
    Different TV? VF550XVT1A

  6. Joe Consumer

    I find it very hard to believe that a Television with this sort of pricetag from Vizio (high for a Vizio) doesn’t come with some real basic features such as PiP and Parental Controls… sad really, the worse part is that the PiP controls are on the remote because they have included the same standard (new model with amber LED) Vizio remote.

    Joe Consumer

    • i just purchased this tv at costco today 2/1/09 last day on sale 1547.00 (250.00) of regular the spec sheet says its 5ms i dont know what sound bar they are talking about .there is no additional speakers.i did get to hear it in the store sound is very good havent hooked it up yet need help to hang it.wiil advise. i was very careful looked at everything out there. costco had it playing next to sony and sharp pic looked equal if not better i liked this best because less reflection and better sound

  7. I work for costco and checked the merch. system and indeed does show the 55" Vizio for $1799.99 BUT no arrival date yet.

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