Well, blow those trumpets and ring those bells! ViewSonic has announced its latest widescreen monitor, the VX2260wm. It delivers the 22-inch LCD as its name suggests, but the question is at what a cost? Read on for details.

ViewSonic’s Wide-Screen Monitor does deliver its promise of a wide screen, but it also has a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is more commonly found in “proper” TVs than on computer monitors. The ViewSonic Wide-Screen Monitor can display full 1080p content without scaling via its HDMI or DVI-D inputs. Some other features include: a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a low 2ms response time, which cuts down on motion blur, and an integrated SRS WOW HD stereo speakers, which for those not in the know translates into a new audio enhancement technology targeted towards televisions and other consumer electronic products.

The SRS WOW HD sound factor powerfully complements your games, movies and other multimedia applications. Viewsonic’s Wide-Screen Monitor offers the perfect balance of style and performance and the unit will fit beautifully into almost any space. There’s only one little problem; the price. The cost is 190£, which translates into about $400 US dollars.

Is the ViewSonic Wide-Screen Monitor for you?

I don’t know. Did you pay your mortgage yet this month?