Toshiba’s latest Wireless USB DynaDock is an advanced docking solution with a high performance video controller built-in. Powered by an Aleron AL5000 chipset that meets the world-wide regulatory requirement, this Dyna Dock is a dynamo that goes beyond the expected in several ways.

Dyna Dock easily fulfills the traditional laptop dock role and then some. As is the case with others of its ilk, connectivity is a simple process involving mere entry into the range of the dock to connect and mere departure to disconnect. Any brand of Windows-based computer, laptop or desktop with a USB 2.0 port is compatible with this highly versatile docking station. The Dyna Dock is cool and sleek, its upright, slim design allowing via one USB cable, for an easy and instantaneous connection for all devices. It permits for up to 3 simultaneous displays.

This new DynaDock also offers a wired USB connection in case another notebook user enters the mix and doesn’t have the luxury of Wireless USB. Unique to this dock are support for Ethernet and bi-directional isochronous data mode, which is essential for video and audio applications such as USB speakers, webcams and USB TV tuners.

This new universal wireless docking station includes video output to easily connect to all of your workspace peripherals, including an external monitor which is a must have for the office of tomorrow.

[Everything USB]