Samsung has produced a burner that promise DVD write speeds of 22x. As of now, there is no other media capable of that, making it the fastest drive out there.
Samsung’s Super-Writemaster is a quiet burner, which makes a difference, as many drives are quite loud. It also works very quickly which is its main sellable feature. It features Light Scribe as well; an optical disc recording technology that utilizes specially coated recordable CD and DVD media to produce laser-etched labels with text or graphics. Other great feature of this drive are the SpeedPlus, which allows for writing at the fastest speeds and the Speed Adjustment Technology, low noise and Buffer Under Run Technology.

The Samsung Super Write-Master will burn a 16x DVD at over 18X speeds, coming in at just a little over 5 minutes to burn a DVD, with the closest competitor coming in at almost 6 minutes.

Quite fast, wouldn’t say?

What was that?