Taiwanese Desktop and notebook computer maker MSI is expected to unveil a new small-footprint-all-in-one PC sometime during the first quarter of 2009. Be prepared for a touch screen and even Blu-ray options.

The soon to be released MSI Wind Neton should be able to compete against the ASUS Eee Top as well as the iMac, and comprises the 22-inch M22, 18.5-inch M19 and 15.6-inch M16. Expanding the company’s range of low-power and low-cost PCs, processing power for the Wind Neton will derive from Intel’s Atom CPU, with a dual-core 1.6GHz Atom 330 in some models. Three nettops will be available early next year and all of them will have touch screen functionality for the M16 and M19′s 1366×768 screen or the M22′s 1920×1080 display. The M-22 also will have the rare added option of a Blu-ray drive.

The three models vary in price and will sell via Slash Gear. The M19 is expected in January for $500, followed by the M16, which is slated for a February release with an approximate price tag of $400. The M22 is expected to appear in March for a price of $799.

So hang on. It’s all coming very soon.