Similar to the One Laptop Per Child Program of a little while ago, Intel’s Classmate Program is offering a super-cheap Classmate ‘Netbook’ designed to provide educators with an inexpensive platform that will get kids online and hopefully studying hard. But will it?

According to Laptop Magazine, which seems to be the only authority to view this early prototype, the CTL2go is a swivel-screen ‘netvertible, which is intended to be sturdy yet cheap with touch-screen capabilities that will approximate a Tablet PC experience. Since the reviewed model did not have the Windows XP Tablet Edition and thus was not enabled, one must weigh rather heavily the word, ‘approximate.’ That being the case, the 2go tablet is simply a touch screen laptop with a swivel screen whose significance is muddled at best.

This Intel Netbook is above all else, a nice thought, and Laptop Magazine has made a valiant effort in showing it off in its best possible light.

Time will tell for Intel.