If you are into cute animal-themed audio devices, but have had enough of Hello Kitty and wish to move on to other animals, meet iPanda, Speakal’s newest iPod.

The makers of the iPig speaker docks system are expanding their line of animal-related audio devices with the new iPanda, revealing that they may secretly be one-trick ponies. The iPanda is quite similar to its predecessor, albeit its skin color is not rosy pink.

The iPanda is another cutesy iPod. It broadcasts audio and charges iPods via a precious panda bear. It has five speakers, including a 4-inch subwoofer, that delivers 25 watts of sound in 360 degrees. The compact iPanda connects to all iPods, plus other MP3 players, gaming consoles, mobile gaming devices, cell phones, desktop PCs, and laptops.

The panda’s ears act as the volume control and the mouth lights up when the unit is on. The Adjustable Bass Control and Bass Reflex Technology insures that the iPanda has a surprisingly good sound quality. Also in its favor, the iPanda is compatible with many different types of devices and comes with various cradles to insure the proper fit, an input jack and a remote.

The iPanda is available here for $150