Ericsson of Sony Ericsson fame appears to be taking a new approach to towards the future of its cell phones. Instead of dreaming up new options in a never-ending quest to outdo the ‘cell phone Jones’s’, they seem more intent on improving the features already available.

Plans for 2012 are grandiose indeed, including first and foremost the inclusion of improved integrated cameras. Instead of opting for the more conventional 2 mega-pixels and even the 5-8 range, which is already pushing the envelope, they plan on having cameras equipped with 12 to 20 mega-pixels! While 12 may well be an acceptable goal, 20 is reaching quite high.

HD video recording is already a feature of digital imaging and adding this to the list of functionality for camera phones is well within reach. But Ericsson is determined to push the functionality aspect so that it equals that of the high-end camcorders of today. This would require a lot more storage for these phones. Ericsson is also focused on creating an extra speedy 1GHz processor and LTE100+ Mbps mobile broadband connection. It is hoped that along with these innovations which are known battery hogs, Ericsson is also thinking about power concerns as well.

Here’s to Ericsson’s innovations of the future!