When it comes to mobile phones, some of us are into frills and others are more comfortable without them. If your tastes fall within the latter category, then the Samsung Propel SGH-a767 may be for you (with an emphasis on the word, may).

Samsung’s Propel SGH-a767 is squat and chunky. Its dimensions of 2.33 inches wide, 3.85 inches high, and 0.58 inches deep, actually makes the phone easier to hold. (Hold that thought the next time you want to start a diet.)

The Samsung Propel SGH-a767 screen needs sliding up in order to talk on the phone. The motion serves two purposes: it exposes its keypad underneath and simultaneously lengthens the height of the phone. This places the speaker and microphone more comfortably near your ear and mouth. The Samsung Propel SGH-a767’s vertical keypad is better suited for typing with a single thumb while holding the phone in one hand. The keys are tactile and comfortable to press and allows the user to read and retrieve e-mail from online accounts. Instant messaging is also available.

The Samsung Propel SGH-a767 is adequate, but its speed completely depends on the limitations of the cellular phone network. Web browsing is very slow because of the phone’s tiny screen and low resolution. Streaming music is also not a strong feature and the AT&T Navigator feature is misleading as it offered only for a 30-day free trial only.

Don’t bother with this one.