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Geneva Sound Home Theater: Pass The Popcorn, Please!


The Geneva Sound Home Theater, the newest release from Geneva Lab, is a simple and elegant home theater experience that combines a theater sound system and a TV stand. From Switzerland, this “furniture music" has permanently bonded home entertainment with home décor, bringing technology and design full circle....


The Sciphone Android Dream G2: Welcome Vision or Nightmare?

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While the unveiling of the newest handset to feature Google's funky new software seemed promising, so are wet noodles before they are cooked. In the case of noodles, it all depends on the chef; with this handset, other forces are at work. In the end, the doctor (and the nurse...


Wingman: A Carbon Fiber Baby Seat


The Wingman Carbon Fiber baby seat is the epitome of ironic. Why so? Hmmm, let's think about this. Racers mod their cars with carbon fiber to lighten the load and decrease lap times. Speeding + baby = bad. ...


sWaP Watch: The Swiss Army Of Watches (cell phone, mp3 player, etc)

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Looks like the days of Dick Tracy are far from over. The sWaP Watch is an actual cell phone. Just pop in your SIM, pair up the included Bluetooth headset and you’ll be making and receiving calls in no time. They’ve even managed to squeeze in a touchscreen, stylus, 1.3MP...


Verismo Announces Launch Date For VuNow Box (video)


Verismo’s VuNow box just got a launch date of December 15th. I haven’t been following the VuNow box but from what I’m seeing I like. The box supports SD and HD TVs (there are two models to choose from), BitTorrent, Youtube (other popular video sites are supported as well), live...


The Concept Ice Vehicle (video)

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Looking more like an amphibious craft than land machine, the CIV is, well, sort of both. How so you ask? The CIV, which stands for Concept Ice Vehicle is designed to navigate and drive on frozen water. It’s equipped with Ice Penetrating Radar, which detects weaknesses and cracks in the...


OS X Icon Pillow Collection


Here's the perfect holiday gift for the die hard Mac enthusiast in your life. The Icon Pillow Collection from Throw Boy can be purchased as a set for $149, or individually for $29....


VIA Intros The VIPRO VP7710 Touchscreen Commercial Computer (video)


VIA launched the VIPRO VP7710 recently, and it ain’t looking half bad.  It’s an all-in-one 10.4-inch touchscreen computer, requires no internal fans for cooling and is built specifically for commercial uses, such as kiosks, bank machines and more.  It runs on a 1.6GHz VIA Eden or 1.0GHz C7 processor, supports...