No one wants to grow old but when you consider the alternative, it is the only path for all self-respecting flesh to go. Read on about Nokia, a company that celebrates the elderly with their wonderful new handset, the Clarity Life C900.

The ClarityLife C900 Cellphone is not grandiose enough to impress the younger set, as there’s nothing high-end or sleek or cool about it. The C900 is a simple, but specifically designed handset for the elderly, and it has features that only the older among us would care to have.

Only a Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) version of the phone is available for now, but it soon will be a great option for people with hearing loss as the incoming sound is amplified up to 20 dB. Buttons are large, making them both easy to see and navigate. There is also a one-touch emergency help button on the back, a large backlit screen for easy text reading, and orange LED for incoming calls.

The ClarityLife C900 handset costs $269.99 for the unlocked version.

Come and get your red-hot Clarity Life C900 handsets now!

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