If you never heard of the Pantech Duo handset, there is still enough time for redemption as its successor, the Pantech Duo 2, may very soon be available.

The Pantech Duo 2 has retained the alphanumeric keypad and QWERTY keyboard of its predecessor, and this Windows Mobile 6.1-powered handset comes with many features including: a dual slider that is less bulky than the original, a dual-band 850/1900 GSM/EDGE/WCDMA, a 2 mega pixel camera with video capture, Bluetooth connectivity and a microSD memory card slot.

Still in the making, the second coming of the Pantech Duo will hopefully prove to be a success. There is still no word about date of release, pricing or carrier availability, but it is likely that AT&T who carried the first version will be used again. The handset is expected to do well on the Korean market.

A fickle public awaits the debut of the Pantech Duo 2and …

Time alone will tell how this new handset will fare in the mobile phone marketplace among others of its ilk.

[Boy Genius Report]