Following in the unimpressive wake of the Vertu Void concept phone, which some referred to as a “ celebration of empty space,” a Russian designer has developed a staggeringly beautiful handset that is a real treat for the eyes to behold.

Russia’s Marat Kudryavtsev is a young designer who has created a masterpiece of lustrous sleek design with his new handset, the NamFleG Concept Phone. Black and gold highlights render a delicate sense of elegance enhanced by solar motifs around the navigation button. With a touch of just enough embellishment, this beautiful concept phone has a camera on its back. The design might have been a bit better without the thick edges surrounding its screen, but be that as it may, the phone is still a vision of sparkling beauty and grace.

Forget about other features. In this case, beauty is everything.

Pricing and availability of the NamFleG Concept Phone are not known at this moment.

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