Motorola’s latest handset, the MOTO VE240, is expected to be available in the US very soon at the price of $89.00 after a $30 instant rebate from Cricket Wireless and Metro PCS.

For those not in the know, a candy bar cell phone is one with no lid, which gives the phone a rectangular shape resembling a traditional candy bar. The VE240 will feature basic messaging and calling functionality as well as an MP3 player. Expanded storage is also available via a microSD card slot and for stereo headsets, Bluetooth connectivity with A2DP support.

The Motorola VE240 Candybar Cell Phone is a rudimentary handset that caters to those who don’t seek anything fancy in the way of a communications device. (And they don’t get it either, as the features are pretty basic and non- earth-shattering.)

So, if no frills are for you, so may be this new handset from Motorola. Be patient as the Motorola VE240 will soon be available via Cricket Wireless.