Innovative alarm clocks are not that common although ones offering all sorts of gimmicks have flooded the market. The Moshi IVR clock is cool, new, stylish and completely voice activated! Just talk to it and you will see.

The Moshe Voice-Activated Alarm Clock has a big bright backlit display and stylish base, but it is so much more. Completely voice-activated, all you have to manage is one “hello” and you will receive in return a polite, “hello, command please.” Better than a pet parrot who is all talk but no action, you can ask this alarm clock any of 12 voice-activated commands. It can tell you the time, turn the alarm on or off, check the temperature or do just about anything your groggy mind can conjure at the moment of verbal exchange.

The Moshi IVR Alarm Clock is available at the Moshi website,, for about $50, where you can also see and hear a demo of the voice-activated functions of the clock while listening to soothing background music. This alarm clock is the first touch-free clock that can set both time and alarm by voice.

The technology behind the Moshi IV Alarm Clock is revolutionary as it utilizes a unique hybrid model of Neural Net and HMM Phonetic Speaker Independent (SI) Recognition software. Without any pre-programming, each Moshi IVR Alarm Clock can recognize every user’s voice right out of the box.

Get one today and wake up differently tomorrow.