Although presently just a prototype presented at the 2008 IExpo Trade Show in Tokyo earlier this year, this new payment terminal modeled after a life-size android has been developed in response to the fast growing practice of paying e-money via cell phones.

This robot created by NEC is equipped with RFID technology readers. Its torso has a touch screen panel where you can select the e-money icon you need. It works by placing the cell phone on its arm, which is equipped with a reader. NEC has high hopes that the prototype, which is equipped with cameras for face recognition, will sell to establishments that require a reader for FeLiCa-enabled cell phones.

According to NEC, these android payment terminals can be readily supplied for immediate use. So look out for this NEC bot, which might be seen in Japan very soon and may be coming as well …to your house!

Beware of the Bot unless you don’t owe any money.