There has been countless times when I have been “noodling” on my guitar, yah know, playing but not really paying attention, and I write a stellar riff. And many times that moment has come and gone, and I don’t even remember how to play it, but I know it was cool. No more was. Line 6 addresses all of the scatterbrained ADD fools like me through the release of the Back Track, and the Back Track Mic. Dubbed as “Inspiration Insurance” the Back Track is “Always On” for use up to 24 hours a day, which sets it apart from any other pocket recorder with a mic, cuz you don’t have to futz with a record button. Just turn it on at the beginning of your jam, and the Back Track only records when it detects an incoming signal via 1/4 input or a condenser mic. If you end up writing a ballsy riff, just tap the “Mark” button and the riff is remembered. At the end of the day you can recharge the battery through a USB port, as well as transfer any “Marked” riffs Wav. file style. Sounds killer. It also sounds like it might be useful for comedian or hip-hop heads that are well spoken, and want to capture their verbalisms throughout the day.

Priced at $99 and $149. Check it out here.

Jeff B