Gadget Review: Garmin Nuvi 265T GPS

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11 Comments to Gadget Review: Garmin Nuvi 265T GPS

  1. I’m about to buy my first gps, and doing much research. Garmin seems to be the one but money is somewhat an issue. I only need it to get me from point a to point b. I do not need all the bells and add ons.
    Reading all of your comments and experiences have me somewhere on the fence. I was interested in the 265T model, but now it looks like I may have to move up in price. If I do that I get the other things added I believe I do not need or will use. I may not use it much in the first 30 days, and than the warranty runs out for return I believe.
    Can anyone give me further advice, and strong recomendations. Some have tried to move me to look into the TOM-TOM models but I would think I might have the wame problems.
    Need to put out more money to get very good to good results.
    Can a gps be ever rented, like other things do. Maybe thats my answer, huh.
    Thanks for any info.

  2. John Scott

    Brian – re: poor satellite reception when conditions are cloudy – this suggests the receiver is faulty (but I’m not an expert!). Here in the UK we have lots of cloudy days – I have a Nuvi 205 and always get a signal. A few weeks ago I had to drive in torrential rain and low cloud – but this didn’t cause a problem for the Sat Nav.

  3. Brian Struve

    Wasn’t impressed with satellite reception. At 30000 Ft and clouds above us, couldn’t get signal. Even on the ground in a car or house with cloud cover I can’t get signal. Is this normal for all GPS devices or is it they down sized antenna to pack more features in?

  4. Gary Egerton

    I bought a Garmin 265T because it had Bluetooth and traffic which was a bonus. However I was very disappointed with the device. The volume as mentioned above was an issue and when turned to 100% the distortion of the sound was very noticeable. This became terrible when taking mobile phone calls on the move. I put it down to a faulty unit and changed it for a new one. Howver same deal and some other software issues too. Have now gone for the Gamin 760 and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. On the plus side for Garmin I have to say the mapping is first class but if they have reduced the quality of the speaker to keep the cost down on the 265T I think they have made a big mistake and can expect to have a lot of returns due to it. Come on Garmin, don’t fall in to that trap!

  5. I purchase the Garmin 200 before Christmas and received the Garmin 265t as a gift. The non-Bluetooth volume level on the Garmin 265t is noticibly less than the Garmin 200. (i.e. 80%volume for 265t is much lower than 60% on the 200.) Has anyone else detected this volume level issue? I am wondering if my unit is defective.

  6. Gotta tell you I got this for my 73 year old mother with the intent of her just having to push the “go Home” button. Well suprise suprise, she is doing all kinds of things and able to go places she has never had the nerve to go to. Normally she gets lost when anything out of the ordinary happens. I would occaisionally get calls asking me do you know where I am. Now, have not had any of those.
    Thank you Garmin….

  7. Hi Holly,

    The bluetooth sound is pretty clear as long as you have a quiet interior. But if it gets noisy it’ll be a bit hard to hear, although cranking up the volume will help somewhat.

    The person on the other side had no trouble hearing my voice.

  8. Hey Michael, I’ll have to look into that, thanks for the tip. Just to let you know the tiny ads are rather unobtrusive. In fact, they’re disabled when the gps is navigating to a destination.

  9. I was troubled reading about the pop up ads. I called Garmin and they said you can pay $60 and get the Lifetime Traffic ad free. You may want to check that out and confirm that. I haven”t bought the unit yet, but I plan to.

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