Gadget Giveaway: Win A Wicked Laser Elite 125 Plus Laser Pointer

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26 Comments to Gadget Giveaway: Win A Wicked Laser Elite 125 Plus Laser Pointer

  1. I would have to say that the iPhone is by far the best of the touch screen phones, mainly because it has so many applications to add to it.

  2. Vishal Rampershad

    I’ve been a Nokia fan for decades, and even though the N97 is not launched, I’m certain that it will trump many of the touch screen phones currently out there. The combination of a touch screen and a full qwerty keyboard, makes for device that’s not only versatile, but practical and user friendly. Although, the T-Mobile G1 shares these features, one has to take into account that Nokia has been producing high quality and technologically advanced handsets for a long time. The European and Asian markets have come to appreciate Nokia and it’s products. The US is still playing catch-up.

  3. I’m in love with my sister’s iPhone just because of the touch screen. I’d spend all day swinging my finger around the screen of that phone.

  4. I’ve never used a touchscreen phone, but from what my friends tell me, I cant disagree. Putting looks and usability together has never been as good as the iPhone.

  5. Being in the military and a medical resident, I’ve seen several of the new touch screen phones. They are look very cool. However, it seems that the iPhone is the most useful in it’s ability to mulitfunction. I will eventually get one since my position in the military will probably benefit from it. And I need an Elite pointer as well. How cool is that.

  6. The iPhone is definitely my favorite touchscreen phone. The touchscreen is very responsive and the app store is awesome, especially Cube Runner.

  7. I don’t own the iPhone, but I have seen it in action. It beats my company issued ATT 8525 hands down. That phone locks up and requires me to remove the battery!

  8. So the meizum8 has finished production and they’re just waiting for approval from the chinese government. It looks hot. I would definitely get it.

  9. I loved my Palm Treo 600. I've had a few other touch phones that make the criteria – but nothing beats the physical keyboard and the Palm OS, even on the slow device, ran much better and performed the basic duties better than any of the 3 WinMo phones I've had since then.

  10. iPhone + app store totally rules. I really don't like Apple as a company, but I must say, the iPhone and iPod touch are truly awesome devices. They did a real good job with the iPhone, and it shows; the number one selling phone in the US. I can't afford one, so I have an LG Dare instead. Pretty responsive touch screen and a great camera. Plus a replaceable battery :-) iPhone still wins though.

  11. Mine is probably the t mobile G1, just because I like the whole google android platform and the expandability it offers.

  12. I'd love to disagree with the crowd here… and I am not really into the iPhone… but from what I can tell, it is actually the best product of this sort on the market. That said, I hate touch screen phone… you cant do anything with actually looking at the phone! and the screen gets all smudgy from head and finger grease! Let us not forget that they are the size of bricks! No, I like a nice small mobile.. the sort that can fit in your jeans change pocket!

  13. Kujan Subramanian

    iPhone is definately the best touchscreen phone ever made…the impeccable amalgamation of looks and features is simply unmatched so far…altough it, like every other touchscreen phone in the market, has its loopholes…its not coincidence that every third guy u see uses an apple iphone!!

  14. I own an Samsung Instinct and let me tell you it no iPhone. I've played with both the G1 and the iPhone and I must go with the iPhone. I really love the slim and sleek look and the user interface is really clean and user friendly. All the apps really help too.

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