The tablet PC hasn’t really caught on except among a small percentage of professionals in highly specialized fields. But all that’s changed now. Meet Hewlett Packard’s TouchSmart TX2, the first multi-touch tablet for Windows.

An outgrowth of the successful TouchSmart “kitchen” PC, which was designed for family use, Hewlett Packard has taken a chance and expanded that concept to include the sparkling new TouchSmart TX2, a touch-screen notebook, which like its predecessor, has capabilities that are focused on multi media including flipping and expanding digital photos and other similar tricks.

Although the TouchSmart TX2 is a pioneer as the first multi-touch tablet for Windows, some might argue that Hewlett Packard is being a bit generous with the multi-touch classification. While some of the touch functionality does extend to other applications, it is still fairly limited. While the tablet does support more fingers, at this point the gestures are still limited to two.

In most ways, the TouchSmart TX2 is much like its predecessor, and cannot be called “revolutionary” by any stretch of the word. The tablet features a 12-inch widescreen, a stylus, a dual-layer DVD burner, three USB ports, and a multi-card reader. Inside, the tablet has a 250GB, 5400-rpm hard drive, a 2.2-GHz AMD Turion X2 ZM-82 processor, and 4GB of memory.

Pricing at Hewlett Packard starts at $1,149.

Are you game?

I would wait until the waters are a bit colder, as they are destined to become.