Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Netbook: Pretty, But One Dull Dell

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3 Comments to Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Netbook: Pretty, But One Dull Dell

  1. Lancelot9201

    I’m seriously amazed at how little R&D Dell must put into some of their products. No wonder their stock is in the toilet, & staying there. Not only are they ignoring what hardware people want, which would assist in selling their products, but they are continuing to raise the pricing point of all of their recent releases, while others are lowering theirs. I thought that Mr. Dell’s return would correct this problem but obviously I was wrong..

  2. One of the exciting aspects of the connected device category is that it expands choice, and that it will continue to evolve. Speed matters to some people, not so much to others when compared with the positive factors you cited, particularly the ergonimic friendliness and light weight/portability.

    If Vista is an issue, it’s important to note, too, that the Mini 12 will be available with Ubuntu and Windows XP options later this year.

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