Dell’s Netbook, the new Mini 9, comes with a mobile broadband option, and if the time and fuss required for a mail-in rebate doesn’t turn you off, you can tell everyone who cares (and who doesn’t) that you got the new hardware upgrade almost for free. The key word here though is ‘almost.’

Netbooks, aka ‘Internet buddies,’ are designed to provide the user with a convenient browsing experience. In keeping with that focus, the mobile broadband as a capable mobile Internet connection makes perfect sense. The Mini 9 with the HSDPA module option adds an additional $125 to the basic price of about $500, which is not exactly “a mere bag of shells,” as Jackie Gleason used to say. If you decide to add other options, such as a 16 GB SSD as well as a 16 GB SD (storage) card, the price could run higher than $700, which places the Dell Mini 9 well within the middle of the notebook pricing range.

Upon purchase of the $125 card and agreement to a 2-year HSDPA service agreement, you will receive a $120 AT &T Promotion Card which can only be applied to the $59.99-per-month serviced charge

Is the Dell Mini 9 Netbook for you?

I’d wait for better deals, if I were you.