For those out there who believe they have seen just about everything, a surprise is at hand. Enter the cow-shaped line of MP3 players known as Creative Moo that were recently unveiled at a technology conference where most attendees arrived unmasked.

The Zen Moo MP3 Players, which come in two varieties (Moo and Moo Plus- I am not kidding, folks), come in four different colors; white, pink, red, and yellow. The Moo Plus has a little extra as it name promises, as it includes an OLED screen, integrated speaker, FM radio and a voice recorder. The cow’s plastic horns also act as controls for a tamagotchi-like game, which is not included on the Moo model (Boo to you, Moo!) The basic Moo model only handles music playback, has no screen, and provides simple playback and volume control via the snout. Both Moo models come in 2GB capacities and support MP3 and WMA audio formats.

These Creative Moo players are silly and although they will soon be released in China, they are not silly enough (or they are too silly, depending on your point of view) to be released to weary western world.

Alas, the Creative Moo Mp3 Players cannot become the newest cat’s meow, but maybe that’s a good thing (as Martha Stewart used to say (and still does).