The San Francisco based luthiers at Blackbird Guitars have taken it upon themselves to craft the ultimate travel guitar they call the Rider. Perhaps in homage to the classic Doors song “Riders on the Storm?” Seemingly fitting I’d say. Just in time for nuclear winter these bombproof, weatherproof, and virtually indestructible carbon-fiber guitars are the perfect choice for musicians looking for a guitar that is travel compact, without sacrificing tonal quality. The patent pending hollow bodied neck thru one piece is an epic departure from traditional design that proves time and time again, that less is more. Blackbird Guitars currently has two models in production, The Rider Steel String, and The Rider Nylon String. Both look positively post-apocalyptic, and if you have Slash’s email, let him know he should re-film November Rain while playing this guitar in the eye of Hurricane Gary. I will have a review up for the Steel String Rider in the coming weeks!

Check out the press release here

Jeff B