Talk about pimp! Only available in Britain this extravagant LED pool table is sure to be the talk of your next crumpet party. It also doubles as a dining or card table top so you can jam it in your flat like that! Provided you’ve got mounds of pounds equaling about $700 US. Ok, I know I am beginning to sound like that cat on roller skates from the Heathcliff cartoon, so here’s a quick list of some of the features.

  • Replicates play field dimensions of 6ft slate bed “British” pool table (whose really gonna use this that’s not British? )
  • Pocket sizes the same as found on British pool table (had no idea there there was a difference?)
  • Blue LED flood lights in the pockets (can you switch out the colors?)
  • Reversible dining top – can be used as a dining top or a card table top
  • Ball return system (this thing is so cool, people would return your balls just to hang near it)
  • Adjustable feet levelers to ensure a level playing surface (or to mess with your drunk buddies, er sorry, blokes)
  • Accessories include 2 x 48″ cues, a set of Red & Yellow balls, Chalk, Triangle, Brush

Now only if they could incorporate those mini-projectors where the LED’s are. Then I could say Future Pimp!


Jeff B