48 Hour Netflix Trial On Xbox 360 NXE

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5 Comments to 48 Hour Netflix Trial On Xbox 360 NXE

  1. So many new services are available and want you to use your hard
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  2. Seriously, what do you need to ‘try out’. Netflix does exactly as advertised, if you don’t want to continue the service after 30 minutes it’s easy enough to cancel.

  3. Yes the netflix free trials are a scheme. Yes they do give you a 48 hour trial after you give them your credit card number. This is because if you do not cancel your 48 hour trial then netflix will automatically sign you up for a netflix membership and will deduct it from your credit card. So im guessing they are hoping that you will forget to cancel within that 48 hours so they can take your money. You guys be careful with those cards, they are all schemes and if you do give them your information, right it down on your calendar to cancel so you want fall victim to there little money scheme.

  4. Mislead again

    The netflix free trial seems to yet again be a misleading marketing scheme. A free trial should be just that. FREE! You should not have to sign up with a credit card. I keep seeing people say that they need it for collateral in case you don’t send the DVD back But it’s for streaming from the xbox, not for sending you a physical DVD. It just seems like another marketing scheme to get all your mailing and credit card info. To me it seems you would turn more people away by requiring info that most are leery of giving out. And if the product is good and worthwhile, it will make them want to sign up to keep the service.

  5. A free trial would be great on the new systems. Reminds me of all the free trial software that is bundled with Windows when you purchase your new computer system.

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