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Vizio Launches A New TV: The VF550XVT1A 55-inch LCD


Vizio’s newest 55-inch VF550XVT1A LCD TV will probably make many consumers want to go out and buy a new television now. It has many fine qualities, such as the Smooth Motion Video 120Hz refresh rate feature and an incorporated sound processor, the SRS TruSurround HD, which creates great audio. Although...


iPhone 2.2 Firmware Update Goes Live


As rumored, the lastest iPhone firmware update hit today, 2.2. So what's included in this update? The major upgrades are Google street view, share location via email, public transit info, walking directions and podcast downloads direct to device from iTunes....


Gadget Porn: AT&T LG Incite Unboxing

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We received an LG Incite from AT&T yesterday and here’s the unboxing. I gotta be honest, though. Based on my first impression I’m really disappointed with the handset. I only played with it for a few minutes until I handed it off to Albert for a complete review, and from...


Gadget Review: Garmin Nuvi 265T GPS


Over the years, technology has increased the pace of society by allowing us to do more in less time. Want to buy a book? Click, download, and there you have it, instant e-book. How about a pizza with your choice of special toppings? Login to a website, make your selection,...