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Wingman: A Carbon Fiber Baby Seat


The Wingman Carbon Fiber baby seat is the epitome of ironic. Why so? Hmmm, let's think about this. Racers mod their cars with carbon fiber to lighten the load and decrease lap times. Speeding + baby = bad. ...


Verismo Announces Launch Date For VuNow Box (video)


Verismo’s VuNow box just got a launch date of December 15th. I haven’t been following the VuNow box but from what I’m seeing I like. The box supports SD and HD TVs (there are two models to choose from), BitTorrent, Youtube (other popular video sites are supported as well), live...


The Concept Ice Vehicle (video)

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Looking more like an amphibious craft than land machine, the CIV is, well, sort of both. How so you ask? The CIV, which stands for Concept Ice Vehicle is designed to navigate and drive on frozen water. It’s equipped with Ice Penetrating Radar, which detects weaknesses and cracks in the...


OS X Icon Pillow Collection


Here's the perfect holiday gift for the die hard Mac enthusiast in your life. The Icon Pillow Collection from Throw Boy can be purchased as a set for $149, or individually for $29....


Carbon Fiber Wallet Helps Your Money Drift


I love seeing those dudes with the fatty wallets that they hold like burgers whenever they take it out of their back pocket.  Like a females purse, they never clean out their wallet to the point where it’s like a beached whale in a Burger King bathroom.  Lame attempts at...


Volvo Makes HD Radio Standard On All Models…Almost


Volvo will be the first automaker to offer HD radio as standard equipment.  The technology will be available on all 2009 models except for one.  This means more channels, CD quality sound for FM listeners and FM quality sound for AM listeners. Additionally, on screen info will include track and...