Daily Archives: November 18, 2008


iCEphone: Triple Flip Phone Craziness


Flip phones were at one point all the rage (think Motorola StarTac), but now have been eclipsed by slider and candybar style phones.  Not so fast says one company.  I present to you the triple flip phone, The iCEphone.  I’m not sure about it’s namesake or the companies name (The...


AT&T Launches LG’s First SmartPhone: LG Incite


AT&T just announced the availability of LG’s first U.S smartphone, the Incite. Its specs are pretty standard ops these days – for a smartphone – but I ain’t complaining. So what are we talking? First off, there is a 3-inch 240×400 touchscreen with haptic feedback. You can also expect GPS,...


Vibrating Toilet Seat: Is Toilet Paper With an Attitude Next?


Johnny Henry of Laurel, Mississippi has developed a prototype of a Vibrating Toilet Seat that is designed to “stimulate and make you feel good while you are there.” Probably easier than filling our stomachs with bran and all that green stuff you have to boil and then fry to get...


Gadget Review: R/C Alien Microfly UFO


You gotta love toys you can just pick up and play with. The instructions – what instructions! The R/C Alien Microfly UFO is no more then a balance weight, box cutter knifed Styrofoam and propeller. So, ya, my initial reaction was far from impressed. Worse yet, I had to stuff...


Aurora LED Pool Table


Talk about pimp! Only available in Britain this extravagant LED pool table is sure to be the talk of your next crumpet party. It also doubles as a dining or card table top so you can jam it in your flat like that! Provided you’ve got mounds of pounds equaling...


ButtKicker: A Wireless Home Theater Rumble Pack


If strategically placing your 12-inch powered sub to provide a couch shaking home movie theater experience isn’t enough then you’ll want one of these, the ButtKicker.  Today its maker, The Guitammer Company, announced an all new wireless version that should make installation a ‘snap’ and is sure to enhance your...

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