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GPS SIM Cards Could Make Your Gen 1 iPhone GPS Enabled


Still regretting the Gen 1 iPhone for lack of GPS? Soon your regrets maybe no longer. A telephony electronics company called Sagem, and GPS experts Bluesky have teamed up to produced a SIM card embedded with GPS. The details are a bit vague, but apparently it “incorporates a GPS receiver...


WeSC Releases Special Edition Nokia Headphones

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Don’t get me wrong, I love me some cool clothing, but the last thing I’m gonna do is buy a pair of matching headphones.  Contrary to my beliefs, though, WeSC and Nokia have teamed up to produce an exclusive range of headphones designed to match Nokia’s 5220 XpressMusic and Nokia...


Blackbird Guitars Release The Rider Nylon String


The San Francisco based luthiers at Blackbird Guitars have taken it upon themselves to craft the ultimate travel guitar they call the Rider. Perhaps in homage to the classic Doors song “Riders on the Storm?” Seemingly fitting I’d say. Just in time for nuclear winter these bombproof, weatherproof, and virtually...


Digifriends & Nextwave Get Into Bed, Make M3 MID


MID devices are on the rise and there to capture the hot market is a partnership between Korea-based Digifriends and Nextwave.  I’ve never heard of either company, but their M3 MID doesn’t look too shabby. At its core is Intel’s 1.2Ghz Silverthorn processor and a 4.8-inch 1024×600 touchscreen.  Storage comes...