Daily Archives: November 17, 2008


Brando USB Carabiner Flash Drive


We've seen flash drives in a variety of forms before, but none in the shape of climbing gear. Ok, so the carabiner is no longer synonymous with mountaineers, but cars and house keys. So instead of hooking the flash drive to your keychain the keychain is the flash...


Incase PowerSlider: Protect & Power The iPhone


Incase launched the Power Slider for the iPhone 3G today. What is it? A case that both protects the iPhone and more than doubles (220%) the phone's battery life. Thank to Incase's innovative design there's no need to remove the Power Slider when syncing and the 5...


OLPC Partnering With Amazon.com In XO Laptop Relaunch


The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) XO laptop program relaunched for the second time with Amazon.com taking care of the ordering and distribution. As of now you can order the amazing XO laptop through the Give 1, Get 1 program for $399 or choose to give one for $199....


Gadget Porn: AT&T HTC Fuze Unboxing


I’ve never done an ‘unboxing’ post before, but here goes.  I only snapped a few pics.  Expect a complete review in the next 2 to 3 weeks.  First I need to score a compatible SIM card from AT&T since my EDGE iPhone’s data plan will probably lock it up....


iRiver Launches The Wave & Announces Release Date


iRiver has plans to compete with the iPhone, albeit in the Korean Market. Early next year, the company will launch the Wave, a cell phone complete with PMP functionality.  It will sport a 3-inch 480×272 touchscreen, 4GB of internal storage, a miniSD card slot for expansion, hand writing recognition, embedded...


The MacBook Air 1.86GHz: Can It Compete With Its Past?


Appearance wise, the new MacBook Air 1.86GHz is identical to the first generation of Apple’s lightweight laptops. Inside, however, is quite another tale to tell, as it contains a new and faster processor, upgraded video circuitry, a faster front-side bus, faster RAM, and a new display connector. ...


Easily Relay Morse Code With This Japanese Watch


One things for sure:  Morse code is old as shit, but it’ll never change.  So next time you’re in a jam, and the radio and cell phones are dead you sure will be glad to have this Japanese watch, the Eikowatch.  Aside from performing the normal watch duties it also...

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