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A No Named MID Rocking WiFi, WiMax, WiBro, and HSDPA

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Talk about connectivity.  Yesterday we saw the first ever WiMax/GSM phone, the Max 4G.  This 4.8-inch touchscreen (1024×600) MID, which seems to have no name but comes from a Korean company called UMID, features WiBro, HSDPA, WiMAX, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity (WiBro is for the Korean market).  Under the hood...


Pedigree Rolls Out Touchscreen Ads


If Mom and Dad won't let you get a puppy this holiday, don't worry, Pedigree has got your back back. Just get them in front of one of these promotional touchscreen street signs to interact with a puppy in 4 different ways: play ball, throw a bone, lick the...


Lenovo Deters Thieves With Keypad Embedded Hard Drive

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With all things tech shrinking in size there’s no doubt you’ll lose a device or two.  Much the like the iPhone’s security, and previous phones before it, Lenovo debuted a portable USB 2.0 hard drive today that requires its user to enter a 6-12 digit combination before accessing the encrypted...


Sony Mylo 2: Much Cheaper Than Before


No, you are not imagining things. When the Sony Mylo was first released in January of this year, it was a lot more expensive than it is now. At that time, the hefty price tag read $300 smackeroos, but all that has changed now....


LG Swift From Alltel: Music To One’s Ears!


Alltel Wireless, America’s largest network, has partnered with LG Electronics and they have just launched a Fastap-equipped LG Swift music cell phone designed to please their faithful customers. The LG Swift is meets all the needs of a fast-paced, dynamic lifestyle and its multimedia features and advanced technology provide immediate...