Daily Archives: November 3, 2008


Rolling Razor Seems A Tad Dangerous (video)


Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking slit your throat dangerous, I just forsee the Rolling Razor doing more damage than good. The makers say its design - a loop hole which you place your index finger through - makes for a more accurate shaving experience with less nicks...

T-Mobile Launches The Motorola ZN5 Camera Phone


As expected, T-Mobile announced the availability of Motorola’s high rez camera phone today, the ZN5.  It’s rocking a 5 megapixel sensor courtesy of Kodak and includes a built-in xenon flash.   The device will ship with a 1GB memory card and cost $100 after you sign a 2-year and mail-in $250...


Samsung Announces The HD T*Omnia Smartphone


Although the T*Omnia’s feature set isn’t drastically different then it’s older but small brother, it does sport a larger and higher rez screen of 3.3-inches at 480×800 pixels.  As with the Omnia i900, the newer, higher rez Omnia will sport a 5MP camera, HSDPA, WiFi, GPS and a touchscreen. Fortunately,...


Logitech Kinetik 15.4 Briefcase Review


The Kinetik 15.4 Briefcase from Logitech sports a semi hard finish enabling it to squish down in the event of a tight overhead compartment, but still provides the rigid build needed to keep yourlappy protected and in working order....


Intel Core i7 Reviews Are In, Verdict: Blazing


The reviews are in and the Intel Core i7, aka Nehalem, is receiving some rave reviews. In the next few days prepare to be bombarded with phrases such as "absolutely blazing!", "industry-changing!", "poor AMD!", and "world peace!?"...


SkyV Skylights Puts A Virtual Window Anywhere


The latest offering from SkyV puts a HD video screen simulating the outdoors onto any wall. Imagine a relaxing view of an autumn scene complete with orange and yellow leaves blowing in the wind…on the ceiling of a concrete, windowless office?...

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