Flash drives are convenient for transferring data between computers, but too often, most flash drives are too fragile to survive the bumps and bruises of being carried in a pocket or purse. Inevitably, people drop their flash drives on the ground and step on it or leave it in their clothes that they drop in a washing and drying machine. If you need to transfer data and can’t risk losing it through damage or physical abuse, you might want to look at the ATP ToughDrive Camo.

Like most USB flash drives., the ToughDrive Camo includes a cap to protect the metal end that plugs into the USB port. It also includes a removable hook that lets you attach the flash drive to your clothes, such as through the belt loop on your pants.

What sets the ToughDrive Camo apart from its competition is its tough synthetic polymer coating that encases the entire unit and protects it from physical damage. This rugged rubber coating includes a camouflage design to emphasize its military-style toughness, while the removable cap fits snugly over the exposed metal portion that plugs into the USB port. While this cap fits tightly, there is no way to keep the cap attached to the ToughDrive Camo itself when it’s plugged into a computer. Lose this cap and you’ll lose the ToughDrive Camo’s ruggedness as well.The ToughDrive web site includes testimonials from military veterans who have exposed the drive to the dirt, heat, and grime of the Middle East and found the ToughDrive Camo survived all environments. Part of the ToughDrive Camo’s protection comes from its synthetic polymer casing, but another part of its protection comes from its internal components wrapped in a protective casing as well. This combination of internal and external protection insures that the ToughDrive Camo will live up to its name.

The manufacturer estimates a ToughDrive Camo can last up to 10 years and transfer data at speeds up to 30MB/second. While you can use the ToughDrive Camo with any operating system including Mac OS X and Linux, it includes a special program that works only with Windows XP/Vista

This program lets you partition your flash drive and password-protect it. Now the ToughDrive Camo can not only physically protect your data, but its password partition can prevent unauthorized users from peeking at your data at the same time.

The ToughDrive Camo is available in sizes ranging from 1GB to 8GB at a price of $20 and up, depending on where you buy it. Although the ToughDrive Camo can’t survive extreme damage like gunfire or having a truck run over it, it will likely survive the typical physical abuse that the average user will likely put it through. If you want a rugged flash drive, the ToughDrive Camo should be tough enough for you.


  • Rugged exterior coating makes it easy to grip and protects against shocks
  • Fast and reliable


  • Cap can be easy to lose
  • Special partitioning and password-protection program only works on Windows XP/Vista

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Wallace Wang