The Mir:ror Is A Consumer Level RFID Reader For Your Home

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2 Comments to The Mir:ror Is A Consumer Level RFID Reader For Your Home

  1. Well, in my opinion both readers are very similar.
    The Mir:ror is more more fun and cute. It embedds colorfull lights, emits sounds and detects movements),

    But the Touchatag is lighty cheaper. There are both using USB port.

    In a RFID point of view, they seam very similar since the both work with the ‘tricky tags’ that I found out in the RFID Stock e-site.

  2. Hi,
    I’m going to but an RFID reader (Mir:ror or Touchatag).
    What rfid reader do you suggest me?
    Is Mir:ror software still buggy for Windows Vista?

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