Robert Scoble, otherwise known as The Scobleizer, paid a visit to the folks of Qik. If you’re not familiar with Qik they stream video recorded from a phone live to the Web. It’s all software based and currently supports a variety of phones (you can check them out here). They’ve been hard at work building an iPhone compatible version. Although it hasn’t show up in the app store just yet it’s due any day now as demonstrated by the above video from Scoble, which is recorded using the Qik software on an un-Jailbroken phone (aka App installed).

If you’re thinking ‘the iPhone doesn’t do video’, well, you’re partially right. The OS on the iPhone doesn’t have a video recorder, but since you’re essentially looking at video when you take a pic it is, or was, just a question of building a work around, which is what the brilliant folks at Qik have done.

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Christen Costa

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