As a product reviewer, I’m always having a hard time dealing with the way smaller products are packaged. The main proponent of my exacerbation is usually that super sealed plastic that most gadgets are contained with in, like memory cards and such. Jamming a knife into the plastic is my normal course of action because the scissors I have are always a weak combatant. The outcome just totally mangles the packaging and makes me look like a Geico Caveman if I ever have to return it.

Enter Open It!, the apex of all package opening shears. Having grips made of a rubberized plastic, they allow you to grab them up close so you get a good leverage point against the plastic. Open It! is designed to shred hard plastic, clamshells, blisters, cardboard, twist ties, and more. They literally tear through plastic like Triple H would a phone book. At the base of each handle there are some other useful tools for package removal, including a box cutter blade and an interchangeable Phillips and flat head screwdriver. The shears also have a locking lever to keep the main blades closed, but it’d be a good idea to keep away from kid’s as the safety button on the box cutter is useless. It’s made for opening packages, not kids!

It wouldn’t occur to most people that a product like this even exists, making this item a stellar gift idea! Low cost and high usage make it great for giving and there are three colors to choose from. The one I got is a nasty bright orange model that would be easy to spot from across the room, especially if it got into the wrong hands. Beyond my use for it, I would highly suggest it to any family that buys their children a lot of toys. All that Hannah Montana doll crap that has an endless gauntlet of twist ties and packaging that usually takes 15 minutes or so to unpack. Open It! could easily alleviate some holiday tension arising from convoluted packaging. Happy cutting!

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Jeff B