If you need a night light to illuminate part of your house, such as the top of the stairs, you could get an ordinary night light that plugs into an electric wall outlet. However, this will only illuminate the area around the wall outlet. If you need to illuminate a larger area without turning on a brighter and more intrusive light you might be interested in the adjustable NiteTrip instead.

Unlike traditional night lights that plug into a wall outlet, the NiteTrip runs off three AAA batteries. This allows you to place the NiteTrip anywhere you need it regardless of the location of any electrical outlets. (You could even place the NiteTrip outside temporarily if you want, although it’s not designed to be left outdoors.)

The use of batteries makes this light completely portable. Place it in the bathroom, in a closet, in a hallway, or in the middle of a room. Wherever you can find a flat surface, that’s where you can place the NiteTrip, independent of any electrical outlets.

The light itself consists of a soft, blue LED light that emits a soft glow. The purpose of such a light is to illuminate an area without subjecting you to a harsh, blinding light such as turning on an ordinary lamp.
More unique is that this LED light appears at the end of a metal neck that you can twist and turn in unusual shapes so you can point the light in any direction you need. For example, you could twist this light around the corner of a wall or wrap it around a handrail down a flight of stairs.

While most night lights stay all the time, the NiteTrip gives you three options. You can have the light illuminate constantly, or you can take advantage of its motion-activation sensor that can turn on a light after 30 seconds or 5 minutes. This lets the NiteTrip stay off and conserve its batteries until it detects someone stumbling around in the dark. Then it lights up to illuminate the area.

For $24.95, the NiteTrip is an improvement over the traditional night light. However, be aware that it does have some disadvantages. Where you can plug most night lights into an outlet and forget about it, the NiteTrip relies on batteries, so you’ll need to keep spare batteries around. While it won’t burn out batteries at an outrageous rate, you might prefer the convenience of not relying on batteries at all.

Another possible limitation is its motion-activation feature, which only gives you three options: 30 second delay, 5 minute delay, or on all the time. If you want the light to turn on after 1 minute or 45 seconds, you’re stuck with the fixed time delay options.

Despite these minor flaws, the NiteTrip is a fun and interesting twist on a traditional night light that kids will certainly enjoy. The light is small and light enough to take with you on the road so you can place a night light in anywhere in a hotel room. Get a couple of NiteTrips and place them in various positions around your house. After seeing the NiteStrip, old fashion night lights may just seem too limited.

Pros: Adjustable neck allows you to twist or turn the light in unusual directions, Soft, blue LED light, lightweight, easily portable

Motion-activated timer limited to either 30 seconds or 5 minutes, battery-powered (three AAA size batteries) only, no option for plugging it in

NiteTrip motion-activated light available here for $24.95

Wallace Wang