Sitting somewhere between T-Mobile’s G1 and the Sidekick, MIU latest phone (if you can call it that) is looking awfully tasty.   There’s no word on a US arrival, but irregardless you should be tantalized by its dual screen mode, ARM processor and full QWERTY keyboard.  To access the second screen the face of the phone flips over and reveals a 2.4-inch LCD while exposing the QWERTY keyboard.  That nobby, ya the red glowing thing, looks like a mouse similar to what’s found on the Lenovo’s Thinkpads, but I can’t help but think that the lowered position of the keyboard will make for some challenging typing.

The HDPC runs Windows XP and if you wanna take a gander at the previous version go here.  If you hit the home page of MIUs site you’ll get a pop up of the new HDPC, but nothing is clickable.


Christen Costa

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