Most iPhone games are single player and don’t incorporate the social aspect of gaming, until now. Touch Hockey lets you and a partner play a virtual game of air hockey over your home or office’s WiFi network. The menu is a little cryptic, but with some trial you’ll find the WiFi multiplayer button (third from the left in the settings menu). Once you’ve both made this selection you’ll be engaged in an extreme game of puck sliding, finger numbing air hockey. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I was surprised how easy it was to start playing. I didn’t test it with a 3rd person in the room running the app, but it would be interesting to see how the game decides whose gonna play who. My assumption is that it’s done by assigning an IP address to the iPhone, but I don’t really know. Notably, there are a few flaws with the game. At times it will freeze up or go a little wacko on you, which is in fact the instant replay. The iPhone’s screen combined with the oils in your fingers make it challenging to smoothly slide, so you’ll constantly be experiencing the ice to concrete sensation similar to when you were a kid sliding around on your frozen tundra of a driveway. Also, when you lift your finger off the screen up rises the paddle. Although this enables you to ‘trap’ the puck it makes it very challenging to reposition your finger so you can jump back and guard the goal.

All said and done Touch Hockey is a fun game but wears thin after a few minutes. If they’ve fixed some of the above its longevity would surely be increased, but hey, it’s FREE.

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Christen Costa

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