I’m totally for the whole green thing – think I’ve said that a few times before.  But give me ‘green’ and save me money, otherwise it’s just another hurdle.  In fact, AlertMe, a UK company which I wrote about earlier in the year, sounds like a Republican’s green dream project.  How so?  We’ll save the earth and charge you a monthly fee for it.

AlertMe allows you to control and monitor your home’s heating and electrical usage, via the included plugs (more can be purchased for $43), all by logging onto the company’s website or dialing into the system.  Alert Me can even be setup to work on a proximity bases using keyfobs.  Leave the house and a preset select of appliances, plus your heat or AC can automatically be shut off or turned down.

No official pricing has been made available for the this particular product as it’s due out in 2009.  But you can apparently purchase it now to piggy back onto their preexisting security systems, which does include a monthly fee.


Christen Costa

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