Daily Archives: October 28, 2008


BF Evergreen Offers Laptop Sans Keyboard And USB 2.0


I’m not sure where to begin with BF Evergreen’s latest ‘laptop’, the 7010A.  The 7-inch touchscreen (800×480) device is more PocketPC than laptop and doesn’t even feature a USB 2.0 port and instead opts for 1.1.  It’s got a Samsung 2440A processor under its hood, runs on Windows CE 5.0...


Duracell Gets In On The Flash Memory Biz


When you checkout at at grocery stores there’s a few impulse items strategically placed at an arms length.  If you ever take notice, one of those items are usually batteries.  Duracell, the Cooper Top battery maker is looking to expand their product breadth and will begin offering Flash Drives to...


Mitsubishi Starts Shipping 3D LaserVue TVs


Mitsubishi is finally shipping one of two of their LaserVue TVs.  The 65-incher is going for $7,000 and produces stunning color (twice as much as most sets) in complete 1080 hi-def.  The 73-inch set still doesn’t have a price or ship date, but the 65-inch at $7,000 should prove a...


iLuv 3G iPhone Case (Model# iCC72) Review


As an iPhone owner, I have plenty of choices when it comes to cases and accessories.  There are many companies out there vying for your undervalued American dollar.  To shed some light on what’s cool and why, before you buy, I am here to review the iLuv 3G iCC72 iPhone...