Daily Archives: October 27, 2008


Android Market Officially Open to Devs


The Android Market is now officially open to devs only. This gives them the opportunity to unleash their apps to the rest of the world without a big brother breathing down their backs. It’ll be interesting to see the influx of some very quirky and innovative apps....


Blackberry Bold 9000 Now On Sale At Best Buy

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Many of  you hoped for it.  Many of you waited for it.  And now finally many of you can purchase the Blackberry Bold 9000 at Best Buy.  It’s available at their website, but unfortunately it’s already back ordered.   I checked in-store availability: no go. Expect to drop $680 for the...


Wii Hacked Again, Homebrew Still Alive


Poor Nintendo. Try as they might, they can't seem to quell the hackers of the underground gaming scene. The big N's latest update seemingly put an end to homebrew applications but it was bypassed rather easily....