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Intel’s Cooling System To Cool Laptop Exterior

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Intel developed a cooling system designed to cool the exterior of ultra-thin laptops. Up until now, all the cooling technology focused on cooling the interior of the laptop. But Intel, realizing the need to cool the exterior of extra toasty, ultra thin lapburntops, created a solution based on laminar air...


Hyundai Genesis Apple Vehicle


Hyundai, a long time struggling car company, is finally starting to emerge from the subprime demographic. This year they introduced the Hyundai Genesis, a high end sedan equitable in comfort and luxury to a Lexus at a fraction of the price. Now they’ve teamed up with RIDES magazine and have...


Vivienne Tam Edition HP Mini-Note Gets Official


Last month we got our first glimpse of HP’s female targeted laptop, the HP Clutch.  It’s dressed up in a pink floral pattern thanks to designer Vivienne Tam and just got a bit more official – via a partnership with Glam network – with this splash page. So when can...


Firefox Minefield Fastest Browser On Planet?


Watch out Google Chrome, there’s a new player in town and its name is…Firefox? Mozilla’s Minefield browser figures to be the fastest gun in the west (or east) and initial reports indicate that it’s true. It’s still in alpha phase but Minefield absolutely blazes with a javascript engine that’s 10%...