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The Ultimate Portable Dreamcast: The Dreamtrooper

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Failures aside, the Sega Dreamcast was hands down the best gaming rig at the time.  Heck, they even pioneered the open environment gaming platform with that Japanese game (the name is escaping me) that cost $20 million to make (by today’s standards that’s the norm). Hailrazer (aka John Jandron), a...


Sherwood Blu-Ray Player $300 in November


Sherwood have announced that they will be releasing their first Blu-Ray player the BDP-5003 next month at a price of $300 (£150). It will allow for 1080p playback at 60 or 24 Hz via its HDMI 1.3 port. Jeffrey Hipps, senior VP of marketing says: “We are thrilled to be able to...

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