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Luster 1 Hour Tooth Whitening System Review


Taking care of your teeth is the cornerstone of personal hygiene. You can pretty much tell who cares and doesn’t care by what someone’s teeth look like, at least in America. Not caring is easy, do nothing. However, to keep your teeth nice and white, some level of upkeep and...


Inspiron Mini 12 (1210) Shows Up On Dell

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I wanna call the Inspiron Mini 12 the big brother of the Mini 9, but seeing as its inception is inevitably after the 9 it’s just not chronologically possible.  Nonetheless, the Mini 12 is the bigger version of the Mini 9 that Dell graced us with last month.  This time...


AT&T Launches Quickfire, A Touchscreen Full QWERTY Phone


At first glance you might mistake the Quickfire for T-Mobile’s Sidekick given is similar form factor. Available in November on the AT&T network, the Quickfire features a 2.8-inch touchscreen, a QWERTY slide out keyboard, Bluetooth, GPS, a 1.3MP camera with video, SD card slot, quad band connectivity and HDSPA data...


Sony PSP 5.00 Firmware Now Available


PSP owners will be glad to know that Sony has released the latest firmware update for the portable gaming system, 5.0.  It adds the ability to download content directly to the PSP from the Sony Playstation store, a full screen keyboard, sleep timer and new XMB background designs. [Akihabaranews]...


Bushnell BackTrack GPS Navigation System


I was sitting on the plane yesterday minding my business by reading Skymall when I happened upon this tiny little innovative device.  The Bushnell BackTrack is a straightforward GPS intended for the absent minded.  Just hit the button when you park you car and walk away.  With the Backtrack you...