Daily Archives: October 9, 2008


WiFi Detecting Sneakers


I love me some WiFi, but do I always need to know when a signal is present?  Well, chances are, at least here in LA, there’s always connection, albeit locked.  These conceptual WiFi Sneakers from designer Stefan Dukaczewski light up when there’s a signal available.  Which brings me to my...


Aquaduct Bikes Makes Clean Water While You Pedal

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Daily I take for granted my access to clean water.  It may not be the best tasting, but it’s clean nonetheless.  Many countries, which constitutes 1.1 billion people, struggle everyday to acquire clean drinking water simply because they don’t have the means necessary to filter it.  Enter the Aquaduct bike. ...


New Xbox Experience Date Now Officially Unveiled


As of November 19th me, you and the rest of the World will enjoy the New Xbox Experience.  Expect Avatars, game to hard drive copying, a new UI and best of all Netflix streaming, although the latter part hasn’t been officially confirmed for the launch date. [Joystiq]...