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Onkyo Launches Wireless Headphones For The iPod


Onkyo unveiled their latest 2.4Ghz wireless headphones today, the MHP-UW2. Its wireless dock, which looks abnormally large, is specifically designed to work with iPods, although a stereo plug is available for other MP3 players and noncompatible iPods (i.e. Shuffle). The headphones feature embedded iPod controls which includes play, pause, track...

OS X Paired With A Touchscreen


[GR]7ObbUsTaupA[/GR] Who knows exactly what Apple will unveil on October 14th, but it’s doubtful the news will be a touchscreen Macbook.  For those of you that are wondering how OS X would behave in the touchscreen environment hit the video.  To be clear, this is a Dell Gigabyte M912 laptop...


The Rosaline Is A Practical Vacuum Food Saver

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Take something old and put a new spin on it. That’s exactly what Jongho Nho did with the vacuum sealer food saver concept.  The Rosaline uses a small handheld vacuum to suck the air out of a proprietary piece of tuperware, which keeps food fresher longer and and can be...


The Elettronico Touchscreen Faucet, Because You Can


Oh, please.  Do you honestly expect me to go touchscreen in the kitchen and bathroom?  Actually, I totally would, but I’m sure the cost is beyond unreasonable  The Elettronico Touchscreen Faucet is more than, well, a faucet.  The system actually enables the user to control all the plumbing from one...


Expect A TouchScreen Asus Eee PC By 2009


Asus’ general manager of Eee PC, Samson Hu, stated that they plan to bring a touchscreen version of the Eee PC to market sometime next year, all at a price point of around $300. Additionally, Asus plans to include Intel’s latest, but not officially announced dual core Atom processor in...


Gears Of War 2 Zune Now Available For Preorder


By now you’ve heard of the special edition Gears of War 2 Zune.  The 120GB PMP comes with over 244 pieces of Gears of War media and there will be less than 6,000 of them available for purchase.  So if you’re a die hard GW gamer, you might wanna preorder...


Apple October 14th Macbook Event Announced


As previously reported, and at the time rumored, the Apple Macbook event is now officially set for October 14th.  My hands are shaking!  Why? Because this Gen1 Macbook ain’t cutting it anymore.  Course I could toss in some more RAM, but then I wouldn’t have a good reason to grab...