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Wood Block Shows Times, Temperature and Weather


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an array of LEDs hidden behind a wood block.  This time around, though, they’ve managed a tad bit more detail, which includes temperature, humidity, date and time; all of which gets displayed thanks to the built-in motion sensor.  The design was devised from...


Nokia E71 Laden In 24K Gold


No need to explain this one.  You can grab the 24K Gold E71 from Continental Mobile for $1,400.  Course, it it does look cheap compared to the blinged out iPhone 3G. Available here [Bornrich]...


Is The Blu:Brain Just Another Home Media Center?


Apparently so, with the exception that it sports dual DVB-T tuners and a fully customizable hard drive capacity.  Blusens’ Blu:Brain features include 2X HDMI outputs, 2x USB, an SD card reader, MPEG-4, H.264, MPEG-2, MKV and additional video codec support.  I’m not sure what they mean by an IPTV server,...

Asus Makes S101 Availability Date Official


By now we’ve drooled, jaw dropped (ya, that’s an action) and even considered, albeit for a second, turning to the dark side of PC for the Asus Eee PC S101.  According to LaptopMag, the S101 will reach US shores November 1st with an initial price tag of $699.  As previously...


Vodafone Announces Blackberry Storm Price: £0

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Stuff.tv is reporting that Vodafone has officially announced the cost of the the long fabled, now officially announced, Blackberry Storm.  According to them it will cost UK customers £0 when they sign up for a £35 month contract.  If Verizon follows suit, they’d most certainly have a chance to take...


Motorola Officially Launches Q11 Windows Mobile Handset


I’ve heard horrible things about the Motorola Q series, but if you believe in giving gadgets a second chance, here’s the opportunity. The new Q11 ditches 3G connectivity as seen in the Q9 and instead adds a WiFi chip that automatically connects to Boingo hotspots. It’s unclear if that the...

LG BD300 Blu-Ray Disc + Netflix Player Now Shipping


Electronics Express, via Amazon is already shipping the LG BD300 (Blu-ray + Netflix player), at least according to Amazon’s site.  They’ve only got 3 left, but with Circuit City due to release it on Friday for $39 less, you might want to hold out. You can buy it here for...


Gadget Rumor: Xbox 360 External Blu-ray Drive

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Look around and I guarantee one of your friends, or friend’s friends, has purchased a Sony PS3 just for the Blu-ray drive.  Apparently, Microsoft might have gotten wind of this and decided to commission Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology Corp. to build an external Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360. Yup, it’s...